Try the Best Traditional Food of Northern Namibia

An important aspect of every culture is its food. When you arrive in Namibia, you will want to taste the best it has to offer in order to fully experience the uniqueness and richness of its culture. Our à la carte menu offers many of the traditional Namibian dishes as well as ones influenced by the European culture.


You can find a continental breakfast here. Choose bread, fried, boiled or scrambled eggs and cheese. If you enjoy meat, there is a variety of options, including sausage, bacon, ham, and salami. A sweet breakfast is an option as well, since jam, yogurt, honey, cornflakes, and muesli are on the menu. Finally, try some local fruit to refresh yourself.

In addition to the western-styled breakfast options, you are free to enjoy a traditional porridge — Omahangu oshifima. This dish is typically made with mahangu flour and maize, and is served with various sauces. The people of Namibia eat it regularly.

This is not the only traditional Namibian food you can try at our hotel’s restaurant.

We have made sure that you can find all the flavorful dishes of northern Namibia on our menu.

Meat Dishes

Some of the best food this African country has to offer is its seafood and meat dishes.

Kapana Food

Try Kapana, an authentic meal of raw beef cooked in the open air. This is one of the staple dishes of Namibia. You may also try dried beef or a regular beef steak if that is how you prefer your meat. An alternative to red meat is the excellent chicken, which our cooks prepare traditionally.

For everyone who enjoys seafood, Namibia is a fantastic destination. Try the famous Namibian oysters or Kabeljou fish. Our cooks will pan-fry it or grill it, whichever way you prefer.

Namibian oysters

An exciting option for all adventurous guests is Omagungu. Essentially, this dish consists of Mopane worms — a delicacy enjoyed by northern Namibians as a dry snack or sautéed in onions and tomatoes. Here, you can try a fried crispy version as a starter meal.

Stews and Vegetables

Another simpler, meat dish is the Namibian lamb stew. On the other hand, you might prefer vegetable-based meals and the restaurant has those options as well. There are a couple of spinach dishes — Evanda and Omboga.

Evanda is made with dried wild spinach, while Omboga uses the fresh version of this vegetable. People typically eat it as a stew.

Omboga Food

Next, why not try Oshigali? This healthy meal consists of mashed black-eyed peas with marula oil, Namibia’s national fruit. A salad option could be Omakunde, which is made out of beans, and you can wash it all down with Omalodu — the traditional beer of Namibia.


Fat Cakes Food

For dessert, do not miss out on Fat Cakes. The recipe for this staple dish of Namibian cuisine is straightforward — fried dough with various sides. These can sometimes be savory, like Kapana or cheese, but usually, Namibians eat them with jam or hot sugar. Fat Cakes are crispy, light, and delicious enough for you to eat them plain if you want.