About SafariLodge Casino Floor and Gaming


We’re proud to say that our SafariLodge resort keeps on growing! When you come to stay at the SafariLodge Hotel, you will be able to rest and have an amazing experience, no matter if you choose a luxurious room or a budget one. In a proper Uukwaluudhi and Ovambo fashion, our hotel, alongside the main building, is divided into several bungalows and each of them serves a purpose. We have restaurants, bars, beauty salons, a salt room, pools, and a convenience store. And now, there’s another addition, perhaps the most engaging of them all — our casino!

In our striving to offer you one of the most unique and all-inclusive experiences, we’ve realized that we lacked a bit of the old-fashioned fun! Today, as our SafariLodge guest, you can enjoy a visit to Uukwaluudhi Royal Homestead where you can meet the king and talk to the natives in the traditional Himba Village. Alternatively, you can take a trip about the safari and experience the wildlife right in front of you. And now, when the day draws to a close, and it’s still early for you to hit the sack, or maybe you’re just not into that hot-air balloon flight, you can go to our SafariLodge Casino and enjoy yourself the way Nevadans do!

Casino Floor

Modeled after the Uukwaluudhi Royal Homestead, the casino floor of the SafariLodge Casino is split up in several sections, with halls and pathways connecting them in sort of a maze (don’t worry, we didn’t make it confusing)!

Altogether, our gaming floor covers 134,000 square feet and has over 3,000 gaming machines and various table games. We’ve designed the floor with traditional symbols and artistry of the Ovambo people and combined it with a modern twist. This way, we’ve made sure that the Ovambo people’s heritage and culture remain intact, but we’ve still kept the luxury and extravaganza one expects when they go to a casino.

Aside from the gaming sections, there’s a bar where you can get yourself anything from beer and cocktails to non-alcoholic beverages. Our advice? Try out ombike, a traditional Ovambo liquor made from fruit mash of locally-growing fruits, such as jackal berries, cluster figs, and Makalani palms. And if you think going to a bar is just a waste of time you could spend playing, well, we won’t disagree with you! You can just sit down and enjoy your favorite casino game, while our beloved hostesses go around the gaming floor and offer complimentary drinks to the players.

SafariLodge Gaming

SafariLodge Gaming

The first section you’ll come across when you enter the casino at SafariLodge is the gaming machines room. There you’ll find around 2,000 video poker and slot machines. Regardless of your experience in gambling, whether this is your first casino visit or a millionth one, it’ll be hard for you not to find something to enjoy in our machine room.

From classic three-reelers to modern five- and six-wheel video slots, we have you covered for everything your slotty heart desires. Bet sizes range from $0.01 to $1,000, so you can test your luck on both high-rolling machines and penny slots. Our slots with progressive jackpots are all connected to a network, so every visitor of SafariLodge who enjoys progressive-jackpot slots will contribute to and fight for the same pot.

Moving on, we have a table room, where, expectedly, you can find table games. The SafariLodge Casino has all the classic table games on offer, except for maybe one! We’ve made a conscious decision not to offer American Roulette. Instead, all of our roulette tables are of the European variety so that our guests (read: you) have the best chances of unearthing that golden Namibian nugget that rests hidden behind the wheel.

Furthermore, you’ll find card table games. Of course, we have the inevitable blackjack and several of its variants (Spanish 21, Pontoon, Blackjack Switch, and regular Blackjack). If you feel your night is going to have a James Bond ring to it, then, by all means, test your luck at one of our baccarat tables! Finally, you can also play craps and high-card flush!


If you continue exploring our casino, you’ll stumble upon a poker room. There are 30 tables in the PokerLodge. As you’d expect, most of these tables organize Texas Hold’em, but that’s not all our dealers offer. Alongside Texas Hold’em, here’s a list of other poker variants you can play at the PokerLodge:

  • Omaha Hold’em
  • Seven-Card Stud
  • Five-Card Draw
  • 2-7 Triple Draw
  • Chinese poker

Depending on which table you choose, there are further distinctions in the shape of betting limits. Namely, you can play both no-limit and pot-limit Texas and Omaha Hold’em. There are different limits on the number of chips you can join a table with in order to make our PokerLodge convenient for low-rolling players, as well as high-rollers.

Other Gaming Amenities

This is not where the fun stops, no sir! Our amazing (not to toot our own horn or anything) casino floor has three additional rooms! If you’re a fan of traditional lottery, you’ll be happy to hear that SafariLodge also contains a bingo hall, as well as a keno lounge, so you can try and guess which numbers will come up.

Lastly, we have a sportsbook. It’s not the most grandiose one in the world, but you can place bets on most major league events, including NFL, NBA, and soccer. There are also virtual horse and greyhound races for you to give that a go.

Smart Play

The king of Uukwaluudhi is a benevolent one. The point of our casino is not for you to go into despair over money loss and develop psychological problems. This is why we have a responsible gaming program, which involves strategies and actions we will take to limit problem gamblers’ activities in our casino. If you have a history of excessive gambling, please inform our personnel, and they will make sure you don’t conduct any harmful gambling.

The king of Uukwaluudhi is also a generous one. Remember what we said about our European Roulette tables? The goal of SafariLodge is to provide you with a unique experience in a breath-taking setting of the African savannah. We strive to offer you a special safari trip. That’s why we’ve built the casino in the first place — to make sure you’re not missing out on anything!

Know Your Wallet


When you visit the casino, you can choose (it’s not mandatory) to receive advice from our professional staff. They will help you with understanding games, their rules, what different bets mean, and how they work. Additionally, they can aid you in making the best decision for your bankroll management. For instance, if you enter the PokerLodge, you can ask for advice on which table to choose, bet limit-wise.

Our general advice is to come prepared unless you wish to leave the casino floor empty-handed (or, rather, empty-walleted). Know the game you’re about to play. For example, slots are everyone’s favorite because there’s no learning curve to them, and all you have to do is pull down a lever. Still, it would be best if you had an idea of how they worked and what symbols represented. Maybe it would be best if you checked out specific slot games beforehand. There are plenty of online slot machines, and you can give them a go for free on the internet. Moreover, most websites offer promotions such as free spins on slots for real money. This way, you can make it worth your while, and as you’re playing to figure out how the game works, you stand a chance to earn some money without any risk to your bankroll.


In order to reward you for being our customer, the SafariLodge Casino offers many promotions for you to check out and treat yourself with! There’s a welcome bonus for first-timers. Additionally, we regularly update the promotions we have on offer, so there are different monthly specials and daily bonuses that you can claim.

If you become a regular member, you’ll be able to profit from our system of comp points. When you first walk in (or at any other point), you can sign up for membership for free. From that moment, you’ll be in the comp-point system, and the more you play, the more money will go back into your hands.