Uukwaluudhi Safari Camp

About Uukwaluudhi Safari Lodge . . .

The Uukwaluudhi Safari lodge is ± 85km east from Opuwo and easily reached in a 2 x 4 sedan vehicle, but if your tour/route would take you into Kaokoland and Damaraland you might want to consider using a 4x4 vehicle, especially during the rainy season.

Uukwaluudhi Safari Lodge is situated in the core wildlife area with re-introduced high-value game species ranging from black-faced impala, kudu, duiker, hartebeest, eland, plains zebra, giraffe, springbok and elephant. (The elephant are predominantly found on the outskirts of the conservancy and not necessarily within the reserve)

Uukwaluudhi Safari Lodge is part of a joint venture agreement between Opuwo Country Lodge and the Uukwaaluudhi Conservancy. Opuwo Country Lodge manages both the wildlife assets and tourism development within the Uukwaluudhi Conservancy. Through this joint venture not only the protection of the biodiversity of the area is enhanced, but economic empowerment of the community is promoted and developed over time.

Tourism concessions not only empower rural communities but also increase the economic value of protected areas and other state land. Communities, through the Community Based Natural Resources Management program (CBNRM), must have direct control over the utilization of the land so that they too can benefit financially. “Concessions to the communities are a mechanism that will bring about economic empowerment to the rural population of our country and will bring about a balanced sharing of our natural resources. “Concessions also increase the economic value of proclaimed protected areas and other state land including communal areas and they also maintain and strengthen conservation of biodiversity as well as the maintenance of the ecological integrity.

In order to benefit from the concessions, communities have to mobilize and enter into agreements to gain capital investment. Therefore, by having these concessions - Conservancies and communities can now enter into partnership with the private sector. These partnerships are subjected to government approval. Concessions are awarded for periods of 20 years and are expected to create permanent jobs and generate income from concession fees and taxes earned through Tourism ventures such as the Uukwaluudhi Safari Lodge.


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