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Uukwaluudhi Safari Lodge, north of Etosha National Park in the arid Kunene region, offers travellers a chance to see the wildlife of the Kaokoland. Named, after the Uukwaluudhi ethnic group meaning "small group of one clan" the lodge is situated on a small 6,000ha reserve in the Omusati region that forms part of the core wildlife area of the conservancy and is fenced in to protect its valuable endemic wildlife


Instead of walls around the main area the large thatch roof rests on sturdy timber pillars that allow for the open veranda-like atmosphere that accentuates the impressive panoramic vista from the hill it is built on. The view from the top of this outpost stretches across dense combretum or “Leadwood” and terminalia trees to the foot of the hill where the view continues across flats of semi-savannah and dry flood plains, occasionally dotted by grazing antelope and plains-zebra. The tranquillity of the surrounding bush blend in perfectly with the ambience at dinner or while lingering around the bar in the company of other safari enthusiasts sharing their stories and travel experiences through Africa.

Accommodation… include eight well-appointed Meru tented units, as well as four permanent constructed rooms, all en-suite with views over the Okaholo Pan, accommodation includes breakfast and dinner.

Activities . . . the lodge offers early morning sunrise game drives, afternoon sundowner game drives, Ruacana Falls and Half Day Culture & History Excursions.

Facilities . . . restaurant with individual tables, bar, lounge, small curio shop and swimming pool, all in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings.


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